Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture

Ray also offers Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture for men and women as a safe and cost effective alternative to Botox, surgery and fillers.

This non-surgical method helps to reduce the signs of aging by encouraging the flow of Qi, blood and lymph in the local area.  Not only does it hydrate the skin, making it plumper and more supple, but it also boosts the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the face, helping to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. This improves skin quality, colouring, elasticity, moisture content, muscle tone, and collagen production and vitalises the appearance generally.

The benefits of Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture:

  • known to increase collagen production in the area of needling
  • improves the balance between collagen and elastin on the face
  • improves oxygenation of the facial skin
  • increases micro circulation to the face
  • directly effects the connective tissue the needle is placed in
  • increases lymphatic drainage
  • tightens and improves facial muscle tone
  • helps reduce or eliminate bags or dark circles under the eyes
  • helps to eliminate fine lines and reduce deeper wrinkles
  • help improve skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema
  • reduces stress evident in face
  • promotes overall health and well being

What to expect during Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture treatment

Facial revitalisation acupuncture is a very thorough and effective process designed to help the whole body both look and feel younger. During a course of treatment, facial acupuncture points and various other points on the body are utilised using techniques that have been tested safely over thousands of years.

These help to improve muscle tone and dermal contraction where there is sagging skin on the face, jowls and neck. Needling in and around fine lines and wrinkles may also help to reduce their appearance. The needling process involves the use of 'Thrive' intradermal needles and also other standard, short, extra fine gauge, sterile, single use acupuncture needles.

As with regular acupuncture, points are chosen according to the constitution of the individual and specific needs at the time of treatment. The traditional framework of diagnosis and treatment strategy will still generally apply when practising facial revitalisation acupuncture.

Other than the remote possibility of a bruise or a small and very minor skin haematoma, there are virtually no risks or adverse side effects. However, if a small bruise or haematoma does occur, it should not be painful and will clear up, fading quickly.

How many treatments will I need?

To experience the full benefit of facial revitalisation acupuncture, a course usually consisting of 6 - 12 treatments is recommended.  The first initial 6 sessions are best carried out on a weekly basis with further sessions spaced out every two weeks. With each treatment session - which will last for 90 minutes, there will be a noticeable improvement, but by the sixth or seventh treatment, the effects become more lasting and especially apparent. The effects of acupuncture being cumulative, these results continue to progress throughout the full course of treatments.


Increased blood flow to the local area can help to maintain healthy skin and muscle tone by sending nourishment, moisture, and "lifting" energy to the skin and muscles of the face. The needles inserted into the face will also affect collagen and elastin production which will help tone the skin.

Studies published in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture in 1996 showed that of 300 people who received facial acupuncture, 90% demonstrated marked results after only their first treatment. These effects included: the skin becoming delicate and fair, improvement of the elasticity of facial muscles and levelling of wrinkles, a ruddier complexion, and overall rejuvenation - not confined to the face.

Each person responds differently, depending on the condition of their skin and lifestyle prior to treatment. Following the initial course of treatment, maintenance treatment sessions of once or twice a month will help to prolong the results.

Included in each treatment

During a Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture session, the treatment is enhanced by using various products from the White Lotus Organic Anti Aging range of special serums and sprays. In addition, Ray may also integrate other protocols into each facial revitalisation acupuncture treatment session:

Jade Roller
Jade holds a significant and even mystical place in Chinese culture - it has always been considered a symbol of beauty, grace and longevity. Jade artefacts dating back to 5000BC have been found in China, and jade rollers have also been found in tombs dating back to the 12th century. Jade is an interesting semiprecious stone in that it remains cold while in contact with the skin and this allows it to help close the pores and tighten the skin. Traditionally they were used to flatten wrinkles on the face and clear fluid congestion. The basic principle of light pressured rolling around all areas on the face is believed to increase lymphatic drainage.

Gua Sha
Gua Sha - which means scraping in Chinese - is gently carried out with a small flat or rounded tool made of jade, which has smooth and curved edges.

Are there any contraindications?

Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture is contraindicated for those with some medical disorders, heart disorders, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, individuals who have a pacemaker or who have a problem with bleeding or bruising. Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture should not be carried out on anyone during pregnancy, during a bout of cold or flu, during an allergic attack or during an acute herpes (cold sores) outbreak.