About Ray

Ray Siberini BSc (Hons), MBAcC, LicAc.


Ray has trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture, as well as in conventional medical sciences. His training, lasting almost four years, took place at the renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, under some of the UK's most senior and respected practitioners. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture by Kingston University and he also holds a Licentiate in Acupuncture (LicAc).

He is a full member of the British Acupuncture Council which is the main professional and governing body for the practice of acupuncture in the UK, which ensures the highest standards in safety, training, practice and research. Ray has been trained to uphold high standards of hygiene, and is bound by the strict codes of the British Acupuncture Council regarding safe practice and professional conduct, to deliver the highest standards of treatment possible.

Ray also holds full medical malpractice and professional indemnity insurance, and all aspects of his work are licensed with the local authorities. Ray is also dedicated to an ongoing program of Continuing Professional Development.


Why I became an acupuncturist

My first experience with acupuncture was as a patient in 2006 when I had treatment for lower back pain. I have never forgotten the amazing sensations I experienced after treatment and the general sense of well being that accompanied it. Soon afterwards, an opportunity to retrain presented itself, and I leapt at the chance to study acupuncture.

I see acupuncture as a complement to conventional medical care, and the two systems can be used alongside each other very successfully, as is often the case today within the NHS. I also practise based on the belief that the human body has its own healing capabilities, and that a therapy like acupuncture can assist in turning on that healing. My greatest joy is to help alleviate someone's pain and assist them onto a path of healing and a more vibrant life.


Chinese medicine offers a fascinating perspective on the relationship between the body, mind and spirit, reflected in the holistic nature of acupuncture diagnosis and treatment. This holistic approach seeks to treat the person as a whole, looking at all aspects of their lives, taking in details of lifestyle, diet, occupation and emotions, rather than just looking at and treating the symptoms of the presenting illness. It is sometimes easier to imagine this as, "Treating the earth around the seed, rather than just the seed itself."

Outside my acupuncture practice, I enjoy reading, singing, acting, cycling and spending time with my family.


"For 18 months I suffered from very painful frozen shoulders. Manipulation under full anaesthesia and numerous physiotherapy sessions didn't bring any relief. Then someone recommended acupuncture, and that is how I met Ray. After four or five sessions my symptoms had completely disappeared. I still can't quite believe that all that pain has gone! Ray is very calm and meticulous in his approach, and I thoroughly recommend him. Ray is now treating my long standing back problem, which is already showing great improvement!"

H in Reading

"I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the acupuncture treatment I received from you recently. As you were aware, I had been having problems with my Achilles tendon following a running injury in June. After a slight initial improvement following the injury, it did not improve beyond that point and I did not feel confident walking on the painful Achilles, which is when I decided to see you about this problem. After the acupuncture treatment I received from you and the techniques used, I had an amazing and immediate improvement and felt much more confident walking on the problem foot. The treatment seemed to move the healing process on to the next level for which I was very grateful. You were very informative and reassuring regarding the treatment I was going to have, and professional throughout. I would not hesitate recommending you."

J in Maidenhead

"I started having menopausal symptoms last year. During most days I experienced numerous hot flushes and awful night sweats, and would often wake up two or three times a night with absolutely drenched sheets! My periods became erratic, my energy levels dropped and my moods changed completely. I was worried about the side effects of HRT so a friend suggested that I try acupuncture. Wow...it was fantastic! After 9 weeks of regular sessions, the severity and frequency of the hot flushes had dropped so dramatically, I was only having about two or three a week! Ray's calming acupuncture treatment has turned things around for me."

M in Marlow.

"I used to suffer with anxiety and depression due to some work related issues. Ray's wonderful treatment soon had me back on track. I feel uplifted and more positive about life in general, and I cannot praise him highly enough."

D in Gerrards Cross.

"I've been having treatment for about 6 weeks now and can only wonder why I didn't get treated earlier. After years of terrible menopause symptoms, hot flashes and many night sweats, I am now sleeping through the night and the hot flashes have reduced to only one, possibly two per day. I was dubious in the beginning but would not hesitate to recommend Ray to other sufferers.
My GP could do nothing to help. HRT was refused until the symptoms were "really severe"!! They were so severe to the point of despair. I was constantly tired, irritable and lethargic, but now I feel so much better like a new woman in fact. Please don't sit and think about it, start treatment now and feel better soon. Thank you, Ray."

V in Maidenhead

"I just wanted to thank you for your help and the treatment on my knee. Your acupuncture sessions have gradually allowed me to get back into training and I'm almost back to normal, training three days a week and playing a full game again at the weekend. At first I must admit, I was a bit sceptical about acupuncture, but now I tell everyone I meet that has a sports related injury, to book some sessions with you!"

S in London.

"Ray has been treating me recently with acupuncture to help manage the painful sciatica I had been experiencing due to a disc problem. The symptoms eased off amazingly quickly and I am now able to move about freely without the intense pain I had felt before. I presently continue my treatment with Ray to maintain my health and a sense of well being. He has given me a new lease of life!"

E in Marlow.

"Ray, I just wanted to send a quick thank you for my treatments.
A few days earlier I had twisted my right knee, which was swollen and extremely painful, with very little movement in the joint - I actually hobbled into Ray's clinic! Amazingly, during that very first session, I found the pain was greatly reduced and I could walk a lot easier! Ray carefully explained the technique he was using and actually placed the needles around my elbow, and he soon had me walking around his treatment room with hardly any pain - it was bizarre! The result lasted until the next session, and after that treatment there was still further improvement to my knee. My energy levels had also markedly increased and I now continue to feel pretty fit with a spring in my step."

D from Maidenhead.

"If you are thinking about trying acupuncture I can definitely say from my own experience that it is very worthwhile and I have had great results. I was experiencing severe stress and acupuncture with Ray has made such a difference to my wellbeing. Ray is so professional and has a fantastic healing energy and I can’t recommend him highly enough. I work in a medical profession but have always been open to other therapies, especially after reading so many positive reports on the benefits of acupuncture for so many health issues and I can honestly say, it simply works, give it a try."

Amy, Buckinghamshire

"Whilst staying at a hotel attending a weekend function, I unfortunately hurt my back. On waking on the Saturday morning I was experiencing a great deal of lower back pain, unable to walk properly or stand up straight and had very limited movement in general. After struggling down the stairs I managed to get to the hotel restaurant for breakfast with great difficulty, and I was approached by Ray Siberini who was a fellow guest at the function. Ray had noticed I was in pain and offered his assistance as an acupuncturist. Ray did not have his acupuncture needles with him at the time, however he pressed and maintained pressure on various tender points on my hands which had an amazing effect - as he pressed down hard on these points, I found I was able to walk upright and with virtually no discomfort. I was amazed at the difference in such a short time.
Ray gave me further advice at how to stretch my back and how to use the same technique he had just used on my hand, to help my back through the busy day. Using this technique I managed to get through the whole day with only occasional minor discomfort.
Ray’s intervention and help was the difference between enjoying the weekend and being able to participate in activities, or being stuck in my room in pain, unable to walk around. I was so impressed at how much Ray was able to help me at the time that I decided to see Ray at his practice once I had returned home.
I have suffered with back problems on and off for nearly 20 years, and have used various approaches to help me at that time. I have to say I am amazed at the results achieved by Ray, both at the time of the initial incident and further at his practice. I have never experienced such dramatic results using other approaches and would thoroughly recommend Ray, using acupuncture, to anyone who has a hurt their back."

J from Bracknell.

‘Having suffered migraines for many months, I was at the point of seeking medication from my GP when I decided to try the holistic route first and made an appointment at the Amber Zone, I’m so pleased I did! The combination of acupuncture with Ray and a soothing full body massage with Lydia, led to my headaches disappearing within a couple of weeks. Two years on and I’m still visiting the Amber Zone regularly, my headaches have gone but a regular massage and occasional acupuncture ‘booster’ sessions have kept them under control. There are many reasons why I recommend the Amber Zone, on a practical level – it’s value for money. With such high quality holistic treatments, therapists could certainly charge more but by keeping their prices competitive, customers are able to benefit from regular visits. Not only am I grateful to the Amber Zone for helping me overcome my debilitating tension headaches, I also appreciate their kindness. It is rare in this increasingly frenetic world, to meet a small group of people, who put customer welfare at the heart of their business and are willing to go that extra mile to ensure they overcome their health concerns. It is all too easy to reach for medicines when you’re not feeling at the top of your game, I would urge anyone feeling below par - to try the Amber zone first!'

Gaynor Pengelly.